A Brief History of the Grant Street Church of Christ


The Lord's church had its beginning in Decatur with the start of what is now the Grant Street congregation.    In 1910 a tent meeting was conducted on the spot where the building now stands. With R.N. Moody assisting, seven members rented a hall on Second Avenue.   In a short time they rented a school house on Jackson Street in what was then New Decatur or Albany. Soon they bought this building and enlarged it to more than double its seating capacity.  (The photo at right is of the congregation in 1910).

GSCOC 1928In 1914, J.P. Ezell began work with the congregation and remained until 1921. Brethren Moody and Ezell laid a good foundation for its continued growth. The first elders were: Joseph Ward. AC. Joiner, C.U. Campbell, Davis Hodges, J.W. Flowers and Wheeler Wilson. Claude Woodruff worked with the church for two years following J.P. Ezell, then in 1924, Thornton Crews came. The present building, or the main part of it was erected during the ministry of Brother Crews in 1925.

GSCOC-HistoryThis photo (left) is of the congregation in 1928.

JR. Greer worked here from 1927 until 1930. The church was without a regular preacher until 1934, when George Emptage came and stayed until 1936. R.D. Underwood followed him and Lindsey Allen came in 1937.

Brother Allen was followed by R.D. Underwood who was here for the second time, then Charles Brewer, Charles Chumley, Irvin Lee, Jimmy Faulkner, Elbert Young, Ralph Stout and Mike King. For a period of three months in 2002, Dennis Jones served as the interim preacher. In June 2002 Alan Watkins began his work as Grant Street's full time minister.

During Brother Underwood’s second labor with the congregation, in 1948, the educational unit was added to the building and in 1969 the entire facility was renovated.

Great men, some of whom have gone home, have served as elders and preachers and have left the church with a great history. There have been no bigger challenge nor greater work, however, than at the present under the oversight of its elders: Eddie Anderson, Harold Bailey, Sam Evans, Gene Grindstaff, Ken Pirtle, Jere Spurlin, and Doug Weatherspoon.

Space does not permit the listing all those of the past and present who haveserved in varied capacities, but we thank God for everyone and askhis blessings on our present labors.  

The photo at right is from 2000 and below is the congregation in 2010.


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