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Alan WatkinsAlan WatkinsThis ministry functions as an information bank for the elders, ministry leaders and members who have a need of information concerning the overall family. First, an accurate up to date membership roll is maintained. The roll supports an accurate complete picture directory as well as provides data for determining those absent from all activities. These records permit the ministry to know where every member is and what their assigned duties are. Through data analysis recommends attendance goals and proposes methods/plans to accomplish them. Because of the detailed information maintained the ministry coordinates such activities as showers for members, welcome/going away parties, housing, transportation, meals for visiting speakers and coordinates expressions of sympathy from the entire family in the form of flowers, cards, visits and meals.

Personal Evangelism focuses on conducting Bible studies in home and in the office with those individuals that are interested in learning more about the gospel and having a desire to become a Christian. Encouraging study of scripture as it relates to each Christian's role in evangelism, recruiting and training soul winners to be actively involved in teaching the lost, coordinating programs within the church to enhance our desire and ability in personal evangelism.


The Grant Street educational program offers Bible study classes from cradle roll age to senior citizens.

We believe the Bible is the inspired work of God and contains all the revelation of His will for man. We believe He has given to the world all things that pertain to life and godliness. Because of this truth, we are devoted to developing Bible knowledge and wisdom to sustain each member in daily Christian living. In all areas of our educational ministry (infants, preschool, primary, teens college and adults), we strive to provide an opportunity to study God's word in an atmosphere of love and excitement from dedicated talented teachers. Each year a curriculum is presented that contains a balance of the Old and New Testaments by including both topical and textual studies. Each subject promotes a personal home study.


Being a Christian teenager presents many difficult challenges, yet we get our courage and strength from knowing that we are heirs with Christ. Through study, fellowship and friendship we lift up each other, exhort and motivate each other. We believe we are at the right place, the Grant Street Church of Christ. Devotionals, lock-ins, Lads to Leaders and Bible class all assist in drawing us closer to each other and Christ.

We do several Youth activities and we have a good balance of Fun Events and Spiritual Events. We try to combine them as much as possible. We participate in the Lads To Leaders program. Our goal is not to see how many trophies we can win, but to see how we can make each other grow closer to God, the Church and also to each other. We have a wonderful time in participating in Song Leading, Puppets, Speach, Good Samaritan and many other Lads to Leaders activities. We work on Good Samaritan during the summer and have a wonderful time visiting the Nursing Homes and Singing for the shut ins'.

Young Adults

It is the mission of this ministry to capitalize upon the talents and energies of the young couples/adults of the congregation. We accomplish by providing leadership in fostering a greater understanding of their role as New Testament Christians. We accomplish this by creating a climate of fellowship and cooperation within the young couples/adults as well as enhancing their relationship with all other age groups of the Grant Street family. Through this effort, the objective of developing stronger spiritual families and servants is achieved.

Happy Hearts

We are the Grant Street Adults who are grateful for our extended life here and for our hope of eternal life with God. We recognize that God is not finished with us, not right now, and is permitting us to live longer to serve Him and His children. We were taught many years ago and still believe the "best is yet to come if we live by faith." Happy Hearts is the part of the Grant Street congregation consisting of 55 years old and above. We believe we are Grant Street's greatest resource. The Happy Hearts Family which consists of widows, widowers, retired preachers, retired elders, retired deacons and other couples who have been the pillars of Grant Street past. Some of the activities of Happy Hearts past include trips to several locations throughout Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama. Happy Hearts support the following programs: Youth group activities in concert with our Youth Director, a Halloween party for the children, a fish fry for the entire congregation, and other trips and activities.


Assembly Management - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jeff EllisA. reverent approach through adoration, praise and thanksgiving is necessary in our worship. To accomplish this, we carefully plan our worship services. In this plan, the following responsibilities are recognized.

1.Maintain an elders' approved list of participants involved in all worship programs (song lead, prayer, reading scripture, Lord's Supper, announcers, check on men to serve) and appoint assignments in a non-duplicative manner.

2. Arrange special, challenging programs of worship for congregation including song sessions, special presentations, question and answer sessions, summer lecture series, gospel meetings and homecoming.

3. Ushers: Provide assistance to our guest in finding a seat and with seating balance, assist guests in meeting members seated near them when appropriate, provide special needs for seating (blind, crippled, wheelchair, hard of hearing, mothers with small children).

4. Security: Provide hall monitor during all services.

5. Training: Maintain a well trained staff of qualified men to ensure that all things are done decently and in order.

*Several of our members are EMT trained. A defibrillator is available.

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The Audio/Video Ministry oversees the operation of the sound system for the auditorium/study/nursery. The operation of the video system that will allow the creation of DVDs that can be shown to the general public over a local cable network as well as allowing the study and nursery to receive a video signal. CD's & DVD's can also be p roduced for those unable to attend services but would like to hear the sermons and the singing. The ministry will also coordinate the use of powerpoint presentations in the auditorium for Sunday A.M. and P.M. services.

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Grant Street COC also has a very strong and successful Visitation Program that is now in the 20th year of operation of getting out to visit the sick, newcomers and shut-ins. Members of this program operate in teams that meet once a month during the months that school is in secession Each member is assigned one to two visits to make and turn a visitation card on their visit. There is no doubt but the friendships formed through this visitation program is a major factor in helping the Grant Street family develop into a strong working body of Christians.

Bus Ministry

The bus ministry provides transportation to and from the services at Grant Street, both Sunday services and the Wednesday service. In addition the bus is used to take members to funerals that are out of town and to provide transportation when needed for Happy Heart trips.

Benevolence - Steve Underwood

Steve Underwood


Steve Underwood Grant Street's benevolence ministry reaches out to others in Decatur, across the nation and around the world. In the Decatur area, we offer assistance to neighbors who may be between jobs as well as those affected by illness or other circumstances that threaten their well-being. We respond to many needs such as; food and clothing, disaster aid, sitting with the sick, nursing home projects/visitation and transportation services. Individual benevolence of all Christian is encouraged by the elders. There is a list of groups posted on the bulletin board near the office that support can be made to by going through the church office. Such groups are: Agape; Childhaven Children's Home; Pinevale Children's Home; Maywood Christian Camp; Wiregrass Christian Camp and others as approved by the elders.

Buildings/Grounds - Baxter Cagle

Baxter CagleBaxter CagleThe stately Grant Street church building with its ornate interior was constructed in 1925. For over 75 years our building and grounds ministry has been responsible for the maintenance and upkeep. God has truly blessed us with a beautiful building and a wonderful location. During the years we have been good stewards of what we have been blessed with.

The physical plant is considered vital in carrying out the work of the church. These ministries supervise/performs the maintenance/repair of church property, allocation of classroom space, identification of fire/safety/security/handicap provisions, operation of a comfortable lighting/heating/air conditioning system and allocation of resources to ensure the attractive appearance of the auditorium, classrooms, family center and youth building.

We also consider the utility and appearance of the grounds/parking lot essential for both cosmetic and practical reasons. We believe the appearance of the outside and surrounding area contributes to general impression made by Grant Street to its members, visitors and to the city of Decatur. The ministry provides well kept and maintained parking facilities that provide safe, clearly marked and lighted for all who come to worship. Reserved parking spaces are identified for all visitors to ensure their welcome.

Public Relations & Advertising - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tom InmanThis ministry helps evangelize Decatur through good public relations. This includes the following:

1. Advertising meetings, seminars, workshops, retreats, etc.

2. Publicizing the activities of the congregation

* 3. Promoting a positive image of Grant Street through communication to the various media in our community 4. Making arrangements for visiting preachers or speakers

In 2007 advertising space on a large billboard promoting The Grant Street Church was added to the northern entrance of the City of Decatur. Efforts are being made to secure the proper method of broadcast over a local T.V. channel. There are short radio spots on two different radio stations carrying the "Message of Hope" which can be heard several days each week.

Data Processing - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Doug AndrewsThe responsibility of this ministry is to maintain and upgrade our computer equipment so that we are best served by the technology available to our level of need.

1. Repair of computer equipment

2. Maintain inventory of current equipment and software

3. Make recommendations when new hardware/software is needed

4. Procurement of needed hardware/software

5. Maintaining attendance records

Missions - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Daniel HallGrant Street Church of Christ supports numerous missions around the United States and the world. We believe that the passage found in Matt 28:19-20 "Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I commanded you" is one we should and must support with not only our financial means but with our own hands.

Supported Missions:

1. Arad, Romania having established a congregation there in 1998

2. New Zealand sponsoring Rod Kyle in this work since 1991

3. Voice of Truth International (World Evangelism) A quarterly magazine, published for the spread of New Testament Christianity

4. Nigeria Grant Street supports, along with Savannah Church of Christ, Savannah, Tennessee, men to preach the Gospel to the people of Nigeria. Phillip Mshelia, Barbain and Steve Worley work to spread the Word through their preaching and radio missions.

5. Child Haven Children's Home in Cullman, Alabama Childhaven began as an orphanage as a work of the International Order of Odd Fellows of Alabama with the original structure being dedicated on April 15th, 1910. Through the years, Childhaven has expanded its original purpose and now has seven primary programs of work:

* Campus Care: Primarily for teenagers, it provides homes through residential group housing.

* College Care: College care delivers a college education to any Childhaven child at a Christian college or University.

* Counseling: It furnishes counseling to Childhaven children, biological families, the Church, and the community.

* Foster Care: For children from birth to teenager, foster care supplies homes in 40+ Christian homes across Alabama.

* Shelter Care: It provides emergency care for young children who are in crisis. It is located in Gadsden, Alabama.

* The Genisis Project: This program is for teen mothers and their babies. It teaches/mentors parenting skills and guides young mothers toward making the best decisions for their babies.

* Transitional Living: Transitional living delivers vocational/technical training for life

6. Pine Vale Children's Home in Corinth, Mississippi Pine Vale was established in 1971 by Mr. and Mrs. Eural Wade as an effort to help a few children. Today Pine Vale is located on 52 acres with three main structures. Pine Vale houses on campus 30 children and a full-time staff. The children are provided with a stable Christian home environment where each child is encouraged to rise to the occasion and learn to do their best. Contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

7. AGAPE is a non-profit, state licensed child placement agency supported by the congregation of Grant Street. AGAPE reaches out in love to help those in need. Our Services are available to qualified individuals and families in the northern 22 counties of Alabama.

AGAPE of North Alabama, Inc. was established in 1969 by Churches of Christ in Huntsville, Alabama. The goal was to provide Christian foster homes to children in need, adoptive services to members of the church, and counseling services. These services remain the focus of the agency with the addition of a maternity home for expectant mothers considering the placement of their children for adoption.

8. World Bible School About sixty volunteers from the Grant Street membership serve as study-helpers by distributing lessons, answering student questions, mailing certificates and being friends to students. The goals are: 1. "Seeking the lost"-to bring people to know God's will for their lives and to unite them with Christians through out the world and 2. "Serving the saved"-to share a common faith in Jesus, a common care for each other and a common happiness in knowing the best is yet to come if we live by faith.

Hospitality & Membership - A C Connor

The New Members ministry seeks to make new members, as well as, guests feel welcome at Grant Street. It also assists new members in integrating into life and work of the Lord's church. These goals are accomplished by a number of different activities in this ministry. Each ministry supports the effort to make the new members feel comfortable. Personal contact is made with each new member of our family to familiarize them with the layout of the facilities. Each is given a church directory, work cards, schedule of up coming events, a list of all ministries and its organization. Soon the new members are invited into our homes for meals and fellowship. New relationships with Christians are established that will last a life time.

Tracts - Robert Herring

The responsibility of this ministry is to provide useful material in a compact form for membership review or edification and for personal and community evangelism. This includes:

1. Selection and ordering of tract material for display

2. Display of available tract material from inventory

3. Maintaining a printed inventory of received and stored tract material

4. Maintaining a printed inventory of each rack of displayed material

5. Quarterly rotation of displayed material

6. Acquisition of specific tract material for use by other ministries

Special Projects - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Elders-WeatherspoonWe do not get a second chance to make a first impression." We strive to create a positive proper atmosphere prior to worship. The purpose of this ministry is to:

1. Provide all things relative to the worship service: Man sound/tape system, attend nursery, maintain baptistery and garments, prepare and maintain communion ware, ensure adequate supplies of bread, juice, song books.

2. a. Parking: Organize parking facilities to promote access and security, provide parking lot attendant when necessary. b. Valet Parking: 20 minutes prior to Sunday School at 8:40am, Worship at 9:40am, Sunday Night at 5:40pm, and Wednesday night at 6:40pm.

3. Schedule: Ensure all worship services are conducted on schedule. 4. Greeters: Maintain a roster of greeters to welcome and assist guests in locating classrooms, rest rooms. Locate and seat guests with family and friends.

This ministry is responsible for overseeing any effort of this congregation that does not fit into other areas of ministry, but that is not large enough to warrant a separate ministry. This would include the following and any other need that may arise and fit the stated criteria:

* Coordinating singers for funerals, weddings, etc.

* Getting Lords Supper to those who request and are unable to attend

* Transportation for those who need it for church functions and personal needs when appropriate (e.g. doctor visit, grocery store, etc.)

* Nursing Home devotionals

* Church Directory

* Ladies Ministries


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