Minister's Message

Alan PreachingMy family is excited to be associated with the Grant Street congregation. We have found her to be loving group of God's children who have the capacity and willingness to mirror God's compassion in their lives.

Our goal is to be a faithful family in the sight of God. In order to be that family, we honor God and exemplify our love for Him by serving others and one another. Christ himself said that the badge of discipleship is love for one another (John 13:34,35). We truly believe that the world in general, and Decatur specifically, is filled with lonely souls who silently cry for the loving, uplifting touch of their fellow man. We understand. We realize that as Christians we are not perfect, but forgiven. We, too, have been touched with the pain and loneliness of life in the 21st Century. However, our answers have been found in a God who is timeless and His word that transcends both time and culture. Our strong desire is to help as many of our friends, acquaintances, community members, and even our enemies to find the tranquility that exists only in the hands of the loving God of the Bible.

We encourage you to spend some time with our family and see if what I found is not what you discover as well.

We may not know you – yet – but we love you and your eternal soul.

May God bless you,
Alan Watkins
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