The Lord's Work in Romania

The church in Arad, Romania

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Overseen by the Grant Street Church of Christ

arad-churchbuildingRomania is slowly emerging from the effects of being one of the most repressed countries under communism and having suffered the megalomaniac dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu, whose rule left the country in the depths of poverty. Travel in Romania is rewarding yet habitually challenging as much of its charisma lies in the more remote regions, and optimistic plans are often frustratingly slowed down by practical realities. Despite this, Romania is rapidly regaining its identity as a popular tourist destination and has plenty to offer the international traveller.

In 1998, the elders of Grant Street committed to supporting and overseeing a mission effort in Romania. After survey trips were conducted, the city of Arad on the western border was selected for the planting of the Lord's church. The Terry Smith family was employed as missionaries and follow-up on contacts in the city from World English Institute was initiated. In 1999, this effort was rewarded with the first converts resulting in the church being planted in Arad. Shortly thereafter, an adequate meeting place was purchased near the center of the city.

Currently the congregation has 15 members with average Sunday morning attendance around 12. Larry and Kay Little entered the work in 2002 and lived in Arad through 2007. Currently there is no resident missionary in Arad, but the Littles continue working as liaison between them and Grant Street, conducting World English Institute studies via internet and organizing/leading WEI campaigns. Preaching and teaching are carried out by the Romanian brethren. The congregation is active in benevolence toward both those in the church and out.

As the work continues, there is potential for growth in the many opportunities for studying with non-Christians. With the knowledge that the Lord gives the increase while we plant and others water, we look to the future of the Romanian work with trust and confidence in the Lord.


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