The Lord's Work in Honduras

 Honduras map

Honduras, slightly larger than Tennessee, is the second-largest country in Central America. It's bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the north, Guatemala and El Salvador to the west, and Nicaragua to the south and east. It has a small amount of coastline on the Pacific Ocean.

Fishing and farming are the main staples of the Honduran economy. While some sugar is grown for export, most revenues are made from the sale of coffee, shrimp and bananas. Honduras also has limited reserves of gold, which provide an additional source of revenue. A very wide gap in income and available services between the rich and poor make Honduras one of the poorest countries in Latin America.

Grant Street Church of Christ is one of several congregations that support the work being done with the La Casitas Church of Christ in Honduras. The church of La Casitas has a membership of approximately 40 adults and 45 children. There are other congregations of the Lord's church also located in Honduras and they keep in contact with one another.



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