The Lord's Work in Nigeria

 Map of Nigeria

Grant Street is one of many congregations that are interested in the evangelistic work in Nigeria. One of the ways of spreading the Gospel in Nigeria has been the School of Bibical Studies The School of Biblical Studies, Jos, started on 20th August, 1989, with 12 students attending a 2 year Diploma course. In 1992 the school introduced a 3 year Diploma course. Then in 2002 the school introduced a 4 year Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies. This degree prepares students to preach the gospel as well as teach Bible in Primary and Secondary Schools. One year later in 2003 SBS introduced our 4 year B.A Ministry course of study to prepare those who are willing to preach and work full time with local congregations. Over the years Grant Street has had the priviledge having Steve Worley, missionary and evangellist to the Nigerian people and Director of th School of Bible Studies address the congregation. Grant Street has also been fortunate to have brethren to make a trip to Nigeia and work with the local people and spread the Good News. We are fortunate to have men who can finance their travels or are able to raise the funds necessary for the trip and stay to bring the "Good News" to the Nigerian people.

Report on Jos, Nigeria:

It was been reported recentliy that Muslims kidnapped two students from the School of Biblical Studies while they were in town last Sunday. We learned that one student managed to get away and the other was killed. Many residents of Jos died and homes were burned. Please pray for the safety of our students.


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